Hello and welcome...I am selling clothes that my daughter out grew or some she never even wore. I also have clothes from a Failed Domestic adoption after us caring for her for 4 months.

If you see something you want please email me at
adoptingmom29@yahoo.com You can either pay with Paypal or send a Money Order/or check. Thank you

Monday, April 7, 2008

Madisyn's Closet is on OVERLOAD....

I'm going to do what the other great bloggers are doing, I'm going to sell some of my child's clothes that she never wore or maybe a couple of times. She has more clothes than I ever thought about having. And I wanna clean out her closet some before she knows that her closet was once this full, Then in the teenage years she may expect it. So bare with me as I set this up and I will have you guys some clothes on here in NO time flat.
I will organize as much as possible, so if you see something you want please just email me and I will mark sold on the item.

No time soon but we will be adopting again, and the proceeds from this sale will go towards paying bills off so that we can afford another adoption. Thank you so much and God Bless